Diversify! … Anyone? Major Passive Income Opportunities for April of 2022

“No, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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I can still remember the time when it felt like my world has just fell apart.

month after beginning our journey to financial freedom through sustainable passive income with cryptocurrency, we have successfully made about $180k with Bitcoin & Ethereum mining and day trading. My brother Danny and I were very optimistic about how things were going, then we have made the biggest mistakes of our lives in crypto, and I wanted to share it with all my followers reading this story. It is somewhat embarrassing to reveal our mistakes, but if our loss can become someone else’s gain, then maybe we can turn this disastrous “memory” into valuable lesson for all recently entered investors of crypto.


By mid November of 2021, the whole crypto market started to crash, led by Bitcoin, which resulted in significant decrease in our daily passive income. Then we began to panic, because this was our very FIRST crypto winter we experienced. As we saw our portfolio decrease by 30% within the very first fall, we started to look into Defi projects that were offering massive APY. During that time, Olympus Dao have been very successful and soon after, many OHM forks started to become the next new investment opportunities for many investors.

Long story short, we have invested ALL of our $180k into a project called Time Wonderland, fork of OHM, on Avalanche Network, offering 70,000 APY. This project, as many of you already know, had it all. A well known developer with very successful currently running projects, great marketing, and amazing calculator that showed, or fooled, many investors with outrageous projected potential returns in the near future. We all know what happened shortly after, the great fall of Time Wonderland, which have created such a huge negative impact on Defi community. I have SO many things to say about this project, which ended up being EVERYTHING but “Wonderful Memories” aka wMemo. Here are 3 mistakes that we made:

  1. Investing in ONE project or coin — [no diversification]
  2. Using leverage — [there is no such a thing as “safe” leverage]
  3. Trusting Influencers — [No research done]

In short, we lost everything. Our $180k investment turned into $12k in just couple of month. Moreover, we did not have anyone else to blame, we just had to accept our mistakes and move on.


Today, although we have not recovered $180k fully yet, we are making $900+ per day, passively, thru mining, trading, and DIVERSIFYING our investment into many different great projects.


We are always looking for more great projects that have huge potential to grow to be sustainable passive income source. In fact, now I spend most of my time doing research on new upcoming projects, leaving all other stuff for my brother. Today, I want to share 3 upcoming projects that I am personally planning on making DIVERSIFIED investments.

Piston Token is already well-known project that has unreal amount of hype among investors which is about to launch. Please do not invest in Golden Goose, it’s a rug pull. Zombie Network is from South Korean Development Team, providing never seen before NFT implementation and P2E ‘play to earn’ in near future after its launch.

As soon as these projects are launched, updated stories with Step-by-Step guide will be posted on both Youtube and Medium, showing detailed information and progress of each projects. We will be making a team for each projects, providing daily airdrops for ALL team members everyday from day 1 just like how we are currently doing with our teams across all networks.

Giving 100% back to our members

Please check out our Youtube videos about these projects and if you are interested, please do your research and take this journey with us to financial freedom.

Thank you so much for reading this far, and again, I am so blessed to be able to share our experience with all of our readers.

Happy & Safe investing!!



started 6 month ago in crypto, mining, trading, and investing, focused on team building with youtube and medium

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New York Mining Brothers

started 6 month ago in crypto, mining, trading, and investing, focused on team building with youtube and medium